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Yearbook Committee

Happy 1940 Census Day!!!

We’re pleased as punch that the 1940 census is being released to the public today after the requisite 72 years of waiting. We figured it was the perfect time to release a song we’ve had around for a few years called “Census,” so we made a little video at the Vigo County Public Library.

We’ve Got a History


Live acoustic performance at Cedar Creek Recording Studio. Meet and Shoot SXSW 2012 with Austin Fusion Magazine. Video by Linda Hughes of Fuzebox Photography

Velveeta Room, 3/15

Official SXSW showcase. Photo credit: Shawn Hussey.

“An artistic endeavor devoid of ego”

“an artistic endeavor devoid of ego, a creative gathering that functions to accomplish one thing: an amalgamation of their best ideas and talents that results in the unique sound that is Yearbook Committee.”

– Austin Fusion Magazine, “SXSW 2012: Meet, Shoot and Live Acoustic performances at Cedar Creek Studio


Follow the YbC at SXSW Tumblr for pictures, stories and shenanigans from the road.

Little Rock

Photo credit: Shawn Hussey

“Orchestral Folk Out”

“Indiana’s Yearbook Committee falls under the orchestral folk out umbrella, but has a slightly darker sound than expected, though their range is wide with rotating songwriters in the band.”

Operation Every Band

Indy Star write-up

Write up by David Linquist in the IndyStar

CD Release Show

CD Release Show: AWESOME. Thank you all.


Brad, Christina, David, Jon, Rachel & Travis.

“Simple gems”

“‘Like Seasons Overlapping’ gives off a wonderful Glen Hansard/Swell Season/Damien Rice vibe and the lyrics contain simple gems like ‘You and I are like seasons overlapping.’ The crescendo up to a trumpet release reminds me a bit of Sufjan Stevens.”

– Shawn Katuwapitiya, “SXSW Preview: Yearbook Committee,” Katuwapitiya music blog