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Yearbook Committee

4 More Days

Coming Feb. 25. Sneak listens at our Bandcamp.

“One harmonious unit”

“This band of six musicians have broken out of the traditional form of what makes up a band and in turn are playing as one whole harmonious unit, literally.”

– Emily Speakes, SXSW

Artist Profile on SXSW front page today

Artist Profile on SXSW front page today

Schatz on sax

Eric adding his sweet sounds to “Saltshaker.”

Thought on Tracks blog write-up

Nice write-up from Thought on Tracks blog.

Kickstart our album

Winter – Marquette Ave.

And here’s another Yearbook Committee member solo album (EP) with winter references. Even though the snow is gone already, it IS still winter. Might recognize track three as an early version of a YbC song!

Winter Magnolia

Seems like an appropriate time to plug our very own band members tunes. Check out Christina Blust Music. “Wake up! Wake up, love! It’s snowing!”


It’s official!!! We’ve been asked back as featured artists at South By Southwest! To say that we’re excited is a massive understatement. Folk yeah.

Official video: Tall Trees

A Johnny B. Hazard production.