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Yearbook Committee

SCAR Project

We’re so excited to be heading to Cincinnati this weekend for The SCAR Project exhibit and afterparty. The SCAR Project is “a series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors shot by fashion photographer David Jay. Primarily an awareness raising campaign, The SCAR Project puts a raw, unflinching face on early onset breast cancer while paying tribute to the courage and spirit of so many brave young women.”

Why this project means so much to me (Christina) is that one of its portrait subjects is my sister Vanessa, who’s been dealing with breast cancer since 2006.

We’ll be the music at the afterparty on Saturday, October 1, at the Avenue Lounge in Covington, KY. We can’t wait!

Travis made a video for: Watermelon

Travis made a video for: That’s Alright

Travis made a video for: Head Up High

Carla Borsoi

“They look like they met on a yearbook committee, with the sort of adorable nerdiness you recognize in all those who cut & paste images of everyone else in school. These multi-instrumentalists were interesting – breaking out a cookie sheet to make noise at one point, overlaying it all with sweet vocals. My favorite is their song Watermelon. You’ll be humming it for days.”

– Carla Borsoi, SXSW 2011 Re-Cap

Sing Till You Die

Alright kids we have finished recording and mixing our first official full length album, titled ‘Sing Till You Die’. We’ve passed on the baton to our dear friend, Don Arney at Quantum Productions to do the mastering and the sprinkling of magic. We have some big plans for our CD release weekend (March 4), so we’ll keep you posted. Until then here is the track listing.

Yearbook Committee ~ Sing Till You Die
1. Old Churchyard
2. Lost Souls
3. Something Good
4. Stand Up
5. The Ballad of Eleanor Cecilia Bailly
6. Backflip
7. That’s Alright
8. We’ve Got a History of Ruining Things
9. May June July
10. The Weather
11. Watermelon
12. Like Seasons Overlapping
13. Tall Trees
14. Can’t Go Home
15. Head Up High
16. We Could Have Laughed All Night
17. Seven Years
18. You Were There


Artist to Watch :: Yearbook Committee (Rollo & Grady music blog)

Our SXSW Sponsors!!!

We know we can’t get anywhere without the support of our community, and we are so grateful for the donations and sponsorships we’ve received so far. Thanks SO MUCH, everyone! 🙂 (More names and company logos to come.)

Who knew a bucket could sound so good?

We’ve been getting some love from local media outlets lately. (Thanks, Trevor & Katie!)

“Don’t Hide” — New Folked Up! (in Terre Haute) video

FOLKED UP! (in Terre Haute!) – Yearbook Committee : Don’t Hide from Jet Kaiser on Vimeo.

New Yearbook Committee video filmed by Jet Kaiser as part of the FOLKED UP! (in Terre Haute) music video series. The song is “Don’t Hide,” written by Jimmy Rinehart, and we filmed it inside the colorful Thriftstore Cowboy Vintage in downtown Terre Haute.

HUGE thanks to Jet, who also filmed videos in the same night for Yearbook Committee’s own Jon DaCosta (Marquette Ave. — “Hospital”) and Christina Blust (“Sudden Amaryllis”).

(Jet also does super-cool wedding videography. Check it out.)