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Yearbook Committee

Category: press

“Quite the sonic experimenters”

For a minimal folk band, Yearbook Committee are quite the sonic experimenters, peppering their two records with bluegrass jams, ambient pop and even some straightforward folk rock songs.”

Operation Every Band (highlight review)

“An artistic endeavor devoid of ego”

“an artistic endeavor devoid of ego, a creative gathering that functions to accomplish one thing: an amalgamation of their best ideas and talents that results in the unique sound that is Yearbook Committee.”

– Austin Fusion Magazine, “SXSW 2012: Meet, Shoot and Live Acoustic performances at Cedar Creek Studio

“Simple gems”

“‘Like Seasons Overlapping’ gives off a wonderful Glen Hansard/Swell Season/Damien Rice vibe and the lyrics contain simple gems like ‘You and I are like seasons overlapping.’ The crescendo up to a trumpet release reminds me a bit of Sufjan Stevens.”

– Shawn Katuwapitiya, “SXSW Preview: Yearbook Committee,” Katuwapitiya music blog

Thought on Tracks blog write-up

Nice write-up from Thought on Tracks blog.

Who knew a bucket could sound so good?

We’ve been getting some love from local media outlets lately. (Thanks, Trevor & Katie!)