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Yearbook Committee

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Winter – Marquette Ave.

And here’s another Yearbook Committee member solo album (EP) with winter references. Even though the snow is gone already, it IS still winter. Might recognize track three as an early version of a YbC song!

Winter Magnolia

Seems like an appropriate time to plug our very own band members tunes. Check out Christina Blust Music. “Wake up! Wake up, love! It’s snowing!”


It’s official!!! We’ve been asked back as featured artists at South By Southwest! To say that we’re excited is a massive understatement. Folk yeah.

Travis made a video for: Watermelon

Travis made a video for: That’s Alright

Travis made a video for: Head Up High

Carla Borsoi

“They look like they met on a yearbook committee, with the sort of adorable nerdiness you recognize in all those who cut & paste images of everyone else in school. These multi-instrumentalists were interesting – breaking out a cookie sheet to make noise at one point, overlaying it all with sweet vocals. My favorite is their song Watermelon. You’ll be humming it for days.”

– Carla Borsoi, SXSW 2011 Re-Cap


Artist to Watch :: Yearbook Committee (Rollo & Grady music blog)