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Saltshaker video


Happy 1940 Census Day!!!

We’re pleased as punch that the 1940 census is being released to the public today after the requisite 72 years of waiting. We figured it was the perfect time to release a song we’ve had around for a few years called “Census,” so we made a little video at the Vigo County Public Library.

We’ve Got a History


Live acoustic performance at Cedar Creek Recording Studio. Meet and Shoot SXSW 2012 with Austin Fusion Magazine. Video by Linda Hughes of Fuzebox Photography

Kickstart our album

Official video: Tall Trees

A Johnny B. Hazard production.

Travis made a video for: Watermelon

Travis made a video for: That’s Alright

Travis made a video for: Head Up High

“Don’t Hide” — New Folked Up! (in Terre Haute) video

FOLKED UP! (in Terre Haute!) – Yearbook Committee : Don’t Hide from Jet Kaiser on Vimeo.

New Yearbook Committee video filmed by Jet Kaiser as part of the FOLKED UP! (in Terre Haute) music video series. The song is “Don’t Hide,” written by Jimmy Rinehart, and we filmed it inside the colorful Thriftstore Cowboy Vintage in downtown Terre Haute.

HUGE thanks to Jet, who also filmed videos in the same night for Yearbook Committee’s own Jon DaCosta (Marquette Ave. — “Hospital”) and Christina Blust (“Sudden Amaryllis”).

(Jet also does super-cool wedding videography. Check it out.)