Date: 03/03/12


Venue: The Hussey House

Venue website:

VIA Our Gracious Host:

Send Yearbook Committee off to SXSW with a House Show like no other!
Do you like good music? Good Beer? Good wine? Artisan cheeses and breads? Various things on toothpicks? Kazoos?
I’m sure you do! So, here’s the deal: Come to this show, hang out, eat and drink and listen. If you don’t, I’m sure someone that did will tell you glorious things about it and then you’ll be sad you didn’t get off your duff and enjoy the things you love most.
You don’t need to bring anything… I’ll have food and drink. (If you’ve been to one of my parties before, you should take a moment to comment below about the grandness – there’s nothing like raising expectations, right?)